In a few weeks time I will visit my home town, Piteå for a family visit. These occasions are always a great get away from my daily business. In Piteå everything goes in half the pace and you take more time to think and reflect while you’re there.

This visit I will also do a photo project with a time lapse of Piteå river. Keep your fingers crossed for great weather.

This is a pic I took in Piteå during my summer holiday.

Hope you have a great finish of your weekend

Pitea by night
(c) Pedro Hansson - pic taken in Piteå during the summer of 2011

4 thoughts on “Piteå

  1. What a gorgeous photo. Stunning! And I wish you the best and most relaxing time in Piteå, and the best weather for your photography. Looking forward to what you bring back. Have a wonderful time.

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