Impressive infrared photography

Screenshot from inspirationfeedI haven’t tried this myself but I hardly can’t wait to do it! The pictures are really stunning.

After clicking the link, you’ll fly off to (the creator of the article), where you’ll find a really good article on how to achieve Infrared Photos. What really stunned me was the surreality at the same time as things also look natural. Can’t explain it any better, sorry 🙂

Hope you like this introduction to Infrared photography. There are som linkes in the article that also are really good. Have you tried something like this? Would really appreciate to hear/see what you learned.


11 thoughts on “Impressive infrared photography

    1. What camera do you use? I googled “Nikon D7000” and “Infrared” and found a lot of tips. If you find any useful information it would be great to read it. Also if you will try something like this it would be nice to see the pics on your blog 🙂

      1. It will be interesting to see if there will be any IR-pics here on the blogs 🙂 Have found so many cool IR-pics all over internet now that I’ve started to search for it 🙂

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