8 thoughts on “View over Stockholm – Kungsholmen

  1. I lived in Stockholm for a year and my absolute favorite spot was over there as well! Except I always walked up to the view point that looks over Gamla Stan and Kungsholmen from a higher angle, have you ever been there? 🙂

    1. Yes, and it’s a lovely place. I have plenty of pics from that view to. I can post one of them tomorrow. 🙂 It’s an amazing city during the summer. Hope you enjoyed Stockholm during your year here 🙂

      1. I am very happy with my D7000 – I have been shooting with it for almost a year and I don’t think I have come close to hitting the limits of what it can do.

      2. I once had the opportunity to watch a short movie where they handed really awful cameras to some of the best photographers in the world just to see whether it’s the cam or the person holding it… Will locate that video again so I leave you hanging with the result 🙂

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