Youtab gives you the chords to your Youtube-videos

Earlier today I found a great service for those who play guitar, Youtab. This great service gives you the chords from youtube-videos. Among all the famous songs I found a great cover of Rihannas “Diamonds”.


200 best videos from 2011 in 3 minutes

Luc Bergeron has put together the best 200 videoclips from Youtube in this 3 minute long amazing video.

if you wan’t to find the original clips from the video you’ll find them here:

List of 200 videos in order here:
Liste des 200 vidéos en ordre ici:


Crosswind landings

Since I’m not a pilot (and never will be) I can hardly understand how they can land in these conditions, I’ve always been fascinated by cross-wind landings. There are numerous videos out there with scenes from some really amazing landings and this is a good collection (if you turn the music off).

I’m really happy that I wasn’t onboard….