Stockholm through my iPhone lens – 20€ Macro lens test

Last week I read a post on the internet about a macro lens for iPhone. The post was really positive even though the hardware had a cost of €20! I thought it sounded really strange. Can a macro lens for an iPhone be of any good, and can it cost you only €20?

So during this great easter holiday in Sweden I thought that I should try it out so I bought one two days ago. When I first held it my hands I thought it was some kind of a joke. Could these tiny bits really produce anything?!

Of course, if you compare it to normal Macro lenses you will get really disappointed, but if you look at it as a fun gadget to bring you around (and I can tell you it’s addictive!!) it’s great!

These are some shots I took during my first day with the lens, and at the bottom you’ll see what they look like in real.

@ Pedro Hansson - Sample shot of Macro lens
@ Pedro Hansson - My favorite sample shot of iPhone Macro lens
@ Pedro Hansson - Sample shot of Macro lens
@ Pedro Hansson - The Macro lens kit (headphones only for comparison)