Beautiful City of New York

Last week I visited New York for some work, and while being there I also spent some time taking photos, so I thought that I would share some of them here.

It’s tricky taking photos of a city that’s been so well documented already, but I tried to find some new angles, and some new styles in the photos.

The first photo is taken at a long distance with a fast aperture to get it dark, then I pulled the aperture up afterwards in Lightroom. This created the grainy and foggy effect since all the details will not be seen. After that I added some sharpening.

Statue of Liberty - New York - © Pedro Hansson
Statue of Liberty – New York – © Pedro Hansson

NASA:s new HD-images of the earth

I’ve always been a big fan of images from, and images of space. These are some images of the first kind, images from space. Love the detail and quality, ans as always it makes me think of how small we all are.

On the Flickr-site you will also get an insight on how these images were done.

To get the full image size, click on “original”

Have a great end of the weekend.

Link to the pictures:
Earth, with focus on USA

Earth with focus on Africa