Here is today

This is a really cool web app that literally put today in perspective. One of those webpages that makes me realize that in a greater perspective, we’re all just a blink of an eye. So instead of worrying, having fears and so on, it’s better to enjoy the ride while we’re in the middle of it.

I hope you get a good start of the week.

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What a great view for a morning coffee – did you have a great earthrise this morning?

I saw an old pic from the moon today. At first it’s “just” Amazing because, well there’s the surface of the moon.. remarkable(!) …. but then, HEY… there’s the earth rising over the hill (!!), with all of us being just there; on that little “ball” in space.

I’ll keep my spirits high and hope that I’ll live to be able to see an “earthrise” someday.

Anyway, what an amazing shot this is!

We are literally speaking made of star dust

Today Sammi Naughton posted a great link on Facebook, and this is quite fascinating!

“Ultra fascinating discovery. Wow, my mind is racing… Forget all previous theories (love that about science!). Stars have now been shown to be able to create complex organic materials — and they are literally everywhere.

For theologians, apparently if you let there be light, that light has a few ideas of its own — that may be the catalyst of a profound series of events. 😉 Both science and religion can expect to be pondering for a while with this one.

We are made of stardust? Is the universe itself a living thing? Wow, this finding could mean that there is an almost infinite range of possible life, throughout the universe…”

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