One of the best time-lapse clips I’ve seen – Lake of dreams

On my bucket list, Burning Man is high up there. Seems like nothing else in the world. Over the years some good photographers have put together some amazing time-lapse videos from the event, but I think this is one of the best ever.

Look especially at those amazing long exposures of the night sky at 3:15!

Hope you enjoy the clip!

Lake of Dreams from roy two thousand on Vimeo.

Beautiful Time Lapse / emulation Of An Aging Woman

Link to the Vimeo-page:

Danielle from Anthony Cerniello on Vimeo.

Created by: Anthony Cerniello
Still Photographer: Keith Sirchio
Animator: Nathan Meier
Animator: Edmund Earle
Nuke Artist: George Cuddy
Music: Mark Reveley”

Time Lapse of Planes

Beautiful Time Lapses:
“Five hours of plane landing in 30 seconds” and “Landings at San Diego International”

As the holidays are getting closer many of us will fly “home” to our loved and close ones. When I was younger I used to be really afraid of flying, and every single trip was a long preparation. Which aircraft were I supposed to fly with, what were the accident rates, what are the actual odds of anything happening and so on.

Earlier today I found these two amazing time-lapse videos of planes, landing. What the most of us experience as smooth landings doesn’t look that smooth when they are time lapsed. Notice that the camera is still, and the planes are moving around, not the opposite, in the last one.

I think that these two clips would’ve been a big therapy back in those days, in the preparation of getting “home”.

The technique, with taking out the blue and use it as a “green screen”, seems btw really interesting.

I hope you have a great start of the week.

From Petapixel
Distributed by Petapixel, made by Cy Kuckenbaker

Link to Cy Kuckenbaker

…and the clips:

To read more about how the video was made, click here

Original link:

Time Lapse of New York during Sandy

This is a great time-lapse of New York during the hard days when Sandy moved in over land. If you like photography I think you will enjoy the angles and composition in many of the scenes.

Best wishes to all of you that were in the middle of this storm.

Hope for a quick recovery to a normal situation

A history of the Sky

This is a quite awesome project from “Murphlab”, with a camera directed towards the sky and each day is represented with it’s own square.

More information on the video below the video

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More information about the video:

This is a year-long time-lapse study of the sky. A camera installed on the roof of the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco captured an image of the sky every 10 seconds. From these images, I created a mosaic of time-lapse movies, each showing a single day. The days are arranged in chronological order. My intent was to reveal the patterns of light and weather over the course of a year.

This video is designed to be viewed in a large format, so it’s best viewed in full-screen mode at 1080p.

More information on the project site:”

One of the coolest “earth from space” videos I’ve seen

One of the coolest “earth from space” videos I’ve seen.

“Time lapse sequences of photographs taken with a special low-light 4K-camera
by the crew of expedition 28 & 29 onboard the International Space Station from
August to October, 2011.”


32 gb of new material

Currently i’m in Pitea, in the northern part of Sweden and today was all about photo. Started off early and headed out to Glantan (a beach close to, in Sweden famous Pitea havsbad).

And what a morning! The colors and the light were all there. During the morning I made a time-lapse of the sun rising with my D7000 and took stills with the Olympus, D5000 and my iPhone. I also tried out my new Sigma 70-300/macro.