Music For Weekend Mornings

Recently I’ve started to create Spotify-lists according to the days of the week. This morning I’ve put together some tracks that I think suits perfect for an autumn Saturday morning.

I think most of these tracks would suit perfect as movie soundtracks, with a typical atmosphere in each one of them

I hope you enjoy.

Best wishes for the weekend

Spotify playlists for the weekend

This weekend my sister and some friends will hold a birthday party with a masquerade theme called “Glitter”. I can assure you that this theme wasn’t easy to accomplish in terms of getting the right outfit (no pics will be posted for the sake of your eyes).

However.. to a party like this it’s as always important with great party music. Attached you’ll find three party lists from the 70’s, 80’s and 2010’s.

Best wishes for the weekend


70:s party

80:s party

2010:s party

Soundtracking for Spotify, iOS and Android – new app to share and discover music, with your Instagram pics attached

I’ve just logged in to the app Soundtracking on my Spotify account, right after I’ve got the news about this new music and image sharing app. I think the idea behind the app is really good; to instantly and easy share your music among your friends straight from your mobile or from within Spotify and add your own Instagram pics attached to your suggestions.

My user name in the app is (of course 🙂 ) saarimner; so if you wan’t to find your first friend there just add me.

As you might have discovered in the screen capture above I didn’t figure out that I should have deleted the first image from my first choice 🙂

If you’re using Spotify you’ll find the app under the app finder on the left hand side. It’s currently down on 28:th place in the app list, but as it’s featured in the app suggestions so I guess that may change rapidly.

For me it sounded a bit strange at first to mix your music suggestions with your images, but the more I think about it, I guess it’s all about creativity and I think they’ll actually fit quite well together.

Soundtracking – Screen Capture iOS

In the iOS app you find all the functionality you’re searching for easy accesible. If you’re used to use apps like Shazaam for capturing music around you, you’ll find a way to that as well in the app. On the downside, if you don’t have a Spotify account you’ll just have the possibility to listen to previous or buy the songs from iTunes. Other than that I really think that this will be an app that I use quite often to discover and share new music and fitting pics to it.

If you currently are a user, or you try it out for the first time it would be great to hear you thoughts around it.

Take care