Beautiful City of New York – 2

As I wrote in my first photo I tried out a few different kind of photo styles in these NY-photos. This one is kept really clean, trying to benefit from the situation.

This is a photo of the IRT Bridge in Harlem. We went to a close by steak house at a night with heavy showers (actually there were flood warning sent out), which created a perfect opportunity to benefit from the street lights, and the dark skies.

I’ve added some sharpening, cropped it slightly and lowered the blue a bit in Lightroom.

New York - Harlem, IRT Bridge - © Pedro Hansson
New York – Harlem, IRT Bridge – © Pedro Hansson


I’ve always enjoyed different forms, and I guess there are always nice things to search for while we’re enjoying our lives.

This photo is taken in Spain from the restaurant in a hotel where we stayed during some days, for playing golf. I think the proportions came out pretty well.

© Pedro Hansson – Spain – Nikon D7000

A long day

This has been a really long day, starting at 03.30, and will end at 00.30. I’ve always enjoyed those early morning flights, watching the sunrise from above.

Today I took another seat, on the other side of the plane and instead was able to watch the full moon. This is a pic of the moon from the plane window. The filter that’s been used is magic hour.

Time to board our flight back…