Some thoughts about Apple’s total share value, World wealth and Poverty

Yesterday I started reading about Apples share value that now is reaching for the $400.000.000.000-line. A totally staggering number! At the same time I ran into some articles from Credit Suisse and their World Wealth report where they came to the conclusion that the world’s total wealth is $194.500.000.000.000. Off course these figures aren’t comparable in a direct sense but it sure made me think… The ratio between the two figures are 1/510… (References at the bottom of the page 1, 2, 3)

At the same time I came across a statement from UNDP:
The cost of eradicating poverty is 1% of global income. billion a year (equivalent to 0.5% of annual global income) would ensure universal access to basic social services (basic education, health, nutrition, access to water and sewerage disposal).”(4)

I’m a strong believer of freedom and liberalism (and I’m genuinely happy for anyone who makes that big economic dream come true because most of them deserve it), as well as a social responsibility from both the government as well as the citizens; but wouldn’t it be awesome if we all in the wealthiest part of the world would be part of a process where this generation took some serious steps towards ending poverty?

As John Lennon once wrote “Maybe I’m a dreamer.. “.

This post wasn’t supposed to be corny, but I guess we all are a little bit corny when we release our minds into things like this.

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(c) Pedro Hansson
(c) Pedro Hansson - Visby, Gotland - Olympus XZ-1

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1) Article in Swedish.

2)  “The world’s 4.4 billion adults, notes the new Credit Suisse research, now hold $194.5 trillion in wealth. That’s enough, if shared evenly across the globe, to guarantee every adult in the world a $43,800 net worth.”

(3) I must at this stage point out that I’m a big fan of Apple and their products. My home actually slowly turns into an Apple Store.