Piteå Through My Lens – Part 6 – Ekbergs Konditori

This is a classic place in Piteå, Ekbergs Konditori. This small café has been around during all of my years in Piteå. A place that looks just the same as it used to be. If you ever go to Piteå, don’t miss Ekbergs and their famous sandwich “Landgång”.

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Piteå Through My Lens – Part 5 - Ekbergs
Piteå Through My Lens – Part 5 – Ekbergs

Sunrise in Norrbotten – Sweden

This is a pic I took a few months ago (also in Piteå). The pic has just been lying around on my computer but I recently got some new inspiration in composition from a close friend of mine and the composition of this pic is actually a suggestion from my inspirer; and I think the result came out so much better than the original. It’s strange. Sometimes you just need that push to get out of the blocks.

In terms of other adjustments I’ve added some Noise reduction. Part from that the image is all natural.

Sunrise in Norrbotten
© Pedro Hansson - Sunrise in Norrbotten

32 gb of new material

Currently i’m in Pitea, in the northern part of Sweden and today was all about photo. Started off early and headed out to Glantan (a beach close to, in Sweden famous Pitea havsbad).

And what a morning! The colors and the light were all there. During the morning I made a time-lapse of the sun rising with my D7000 and took stills with the Olympus, D5000 and my iPhone. I also tried out my new Sigma 70-300/macro.