Olloclip Photo part 2

I previously had a post about my purchase of the Olloclip Macro lens for iPhone. I really start
to appreciate the small format, but at the same time I also appreciate it’s form which makes it easier to find in the pocket (compared to previous lenses).

If you are interested in finding more photos from Olloclip, you can find them in my instagram feed at

© Pedro Hansson - Tear
© Pedro Hansson – Tear

Tested: Olloclip for iPhone 5, part 1

© Pedro Hansson - Ant - iPhone Macro photo taken with Olloclip
© Pedro Hansson – Ant – iPhone Macro photo taken with Olloclip

This will be my first post in a series of two where I try one of the three lenses in total that comes with the Olloclip package. It can also be found on my more technical site:

With my previous iPhones I really enjoyed using those small macro lenses that could be attached on the phone by using a simple cover (Tested in a previous post). Now I’ve bought a similar lens for my iPhone 5, from Olloclip.

© Pedro Hansson - Olloclip lens
© Pedro Hansson – Olloclip lens

The price tag differs quite much from the old lens. For this lens Apple Store want’s $100, which I think is rather expensive and I guess that it could be found for far less money than that in other stores than Apples own store.

This lens is attached to the phone by sliding it over the edge of the iPhone 5, and over the camera lens. The first impression of this solution is that even though it’s nice to use a lens like this without attaching some kind of magnet, or using a complete cover it doesn’t feel tight enough. It really feels that the lens might slide off someday.

With all that said it’s really easy to bring the lens, and maybe I will use this more than the previous one for the iPhone 4S.

© Pedro Hansson - Leaf - Photo taken with the iPhone 5 and Olloclip lens
© Pedro Hansson – Leaf – Photo taken with the iPhone 5 and Olloclip lens

Summary – Olloclip Macro lens: I really enjoy the possibility to be able to take macro photos with the phone, even though it’s hard to keep the subjects still and get a sharp image, but the possibility in itself, to see nature and other things better than it’s possible with the real eye is a real thrill sometimes. So if you have $100 lying around somewhere, and enjoy the creative part in getting up close with things, you’ll have a good time as long as you don’t drop the lens due to the light fixing.

Stockholm through my iPhone lens – 20€ Macro lens test

Last week I read a post on the internet about a macro lens for iPhone. The post was really positive even though the hardware had a cost of €20! I thought it sounded really strange. Can a macro lens for an iPhone be of any good, and can it cost you only €20?

So during this great easter holiday in Sweden I thought that I should try it out so I bought one two days ago. When I first held it my hands I thought it was some kind of a joke. Could these tiny bits really produce anything?!

Of course, if you compare it to normal Macro lenses you will get really disappointed, but if you look at it as a fun gadget to bring you around (and I can tell you it’s addictive!!) it’s great!

These are some shots I took during my first day with the lens, and at the bottom you’ll see what they look like in real.

@ Pedro Hansson - Sample shot of Macro lens
@ Pedro Hansson - My favorite sample shot of iPhone Macro lens
@ Pedro Hansson - Sample shot of Macro lens
@ Pedro Hansson - The Macro lens kit (headphones only for comparison)