Autumn Photos – Last time?

This last weekend we had marvelous weather here in Sweden. Blue Skies, 12-16 degrees and bright autumn colors everywhere. Unfortunately there seems to be some problem with my camera at the moment, so I only got out a few that I think came out well.

I hope you all get a great start of the week.

© Pedro Hansson - Autumn Leaves
© Pedro Hansson – Autumn Leaves

Preparing for autumn photography

I think we’re just a few days away from the best autumn days, in terms of Photography. Some of the leaves has started to get those amazing colors, but soon the forest will be full of red, green, blue, yellow and so on.

This is a photo I took last year, just a few weeks after this point.

© Pedro Hansson - Preparing for Autumn Photography
© Pedro Hansson – Preparing for Autumn Photography