Short introduction to Swedish by Ola Lustig

Since I’m living in a country where the word for Married and Poision is exactly the same (and pronounced the same) and, as you will learn in the video the number six is the same as sex, I thought it would be of great value to share a quick introduction to “how to speak Swedish”.

A little international warning: In Sweden everyone’s allowed to speak words like fxxk, and other foul words in TV and press, so if you’re offended by those words this is a little warning that there are no “beeeps” in Swedish film clips in general. If you, on the other hand likes a little bit of irony and language comparisons you might find this extremely short introduction interesting 🙂

You’ll find episode 2 here

Parents give their kids terrible presents and tape it

Jimmy Kimmel has made some hard tricks against the kids during the last months. First he asked the parents to eat their kids Halloween candy and tape the crying kids when they told them.

This is the follow up, “give your kids a terrible present and tape it“.

Hope you enjoy! Happy fourth advent!