A great list for many aspects of life – Pixar’s 22 Rules of storytelling

Yesterday I came across a list of 22 rules of storytelling from Pixar. Straight ahead I started to think about other areas where I could use it, and it actually is a great set of advice for many areas. I could use it in my personal life, for projects, creating business plans and so on. As always, all that we read is interpreted with our own mind / thoughts.

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Being upright – a way to a more successful living?

As I’ve written in the Photography section I’ve just arrived back home after a few days abroad together with a colleague of mine. On these journeys there is always an opportunity to talk about things that there otherwise isn’t time to talk about (during normal work weeks). On this journey I think the main topic was being upright, and why people so often choose the opposite.

Lamp in Barcelona – iPhone 4S – © Pedro Hansson

First of all, I really need to point out that no one is perfect, and there are certainly times when I don’t live up to this myself; and of course sometimes you don’t have the possibility to tell everyone everything due to keeping a secret for a friend/family, directions from the board or there are just plain simple business secrets that prevent you from being as upright as you wish.

BUT, those things aside I strongly believe that being upright will make a person (all others aspects alike) more successful, in their lives. When you experience the opposite –  people that doesn’t speak up for their opinions, I sometimes wonder why they aren’t.

We started talking about this when we had a discussion about a customer project, and we’ve always felt that this company is so easy to work with because they are always telling their opinion, and when we know their stand point it’s really easy for us to decide whether we have the possibility to be a good supplier or not. The company in mind is a really successful one, and I think one of the reasons is actually that they are “hard” in many peoples minds because they always speak up their mind, but I think the opposite.

Over the years when I’ve been in the fortunate position of being a customer I must say that I’m sometimes surprised how many sellers/business men react when they’re meeting an upright opinion about their product, their services and so on.

In my personal life I think this is as important as in the business life, BUT of course when you speak about personal matters (which might as well be personal matters in your professional life) there are so many aspects that needs to be addressed that it’s often harder to just being upright. If you don’t pay respect to the other parties person, you might end up on a difficult route.

I think I could write about this for pages, but as this is just a thought so far, I’m leaving the subject here. This is more of a moral, and actually business compass for myself. When we’re choosing and working with our partners, suppliers and customers (yes we’re choosing customers as well to make sure that both parties can achieve success) this is one of the key components.

What’s your opinion on this matter?

I hope you all have a great start of the week.

Interview with Mark Zuckerberg at Startup School in 2011

This is an interview with Mark Zuckerberg that I think almost everyone should watch. The interview is made at Startup School in 2011 and he’s talking about risk taking, entrepreneurship, culture, how to grow your business, how you can achieve things as a group and so on.

It’s quite long but I think you might as well just listen to it along side any other things.