Astronomers view of earth – the overview effect

What an amazing video this is! If you just have 90 seconds, you’ll get the big picture (literally), at the very start of the video. If you have more, you’ll in for some spectular views of earth, and some really interesting thoughts about us, we, the earth in space.

Actually, I think a video like this in some minor way can change our view of the world, our planet or “spaceship in space”.

NASA:s new HD-images of the earth

I’ve always been a big fan of images from, and images of space. These are some images of the first kind, images from space. Love the detail and quality, ans as always it makes me think of how small we all are.

On the Flickr-site you will also get an insight on how these images were done.

To get the full image size, click on “original”

Have a great end of the weekend.

Link to the pictures:
Earth, with focus on USA

Earth with focus on Africa

What a great view for a morning coffee – did you have a great earthrise this morning?

I saw an old pic from the moon today. At first it’s “just” Amazing because, well there’s the surface of the moon.. remarkable(!) …. but then, HEY… there’s the earth rising over the hill (!!), with all of us being just there; on that little “ball” in space.

I’ll keep my spirits high and hope that I’ll live to be able to see an “earthrise” someday.

Anyway, what an amazing shot this is!