This week has been all about decisions.

Since I’m working with Active Decision Support, I have started to think a lot about decision processes; and how decisions are made – both professionally as well as private.

One thought that really keeps spinning is how many of our decisions/crossroads that we actually are passing/making all the time without noticing/knowing it, and how big these non-decisions really can be.

The photo is from a trip last weekend, to Gotland / Visby on a really foggy day.

© Pedro Hansson - Visby - Gotland - Sony RX-100
© Pedro Hansson – Visby – Gotland – Sony RX-100

Be Brave!

This is  a repost, but I think this quote is helpful when I sometimes face tough decisions.

It’s so easy to worry for things that are out of our control. Today many people worry about the new economic times, some are worrying about their kids and maybe some are walking away from great new possibilities –  a great new life, just because of worry.

I think this quote is good to think about when I’m struggling with a decision, both in my personal and professional life, or just being in a worrying mode.

“If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today.”
– E. Joseph Cossman

(c) Pedro Hansson – Olympus XZ-1 – Lake Mälaren Stockholm

Worries, decisions and letting go

Last week I had to make a decision about a matter that I spent much time worrying about a while back, but suddenly, out of the blue the final question was asked and a decision needed to be made. Should it be yes, and continue like before; or no to make that final decision and move on in another direction? Suddenly it wasn’t a decision anymore!? Of course I should move on and let go of the worries, and the thoughts that kept me so occupied for a long time a while back. Suddenly it was clear.

@ Pedro Hansson – Birds on a red light. Not a good picture photo wise. Taken from an open roof top bus in Barcelona. Without the house in the background it may have been ok. But I think the image reflects the topic well – Go, or no go?

I was really surprised that the decision was so easy to make because this has been a long process for me, but then I realized one thing I heard a few years back.

When you can make a decision without any regrets, you tried everything, you’ve been truly honest to everyone involved and all that’s left is just worrying AND the most important part, you can let go with a smile and wish everyone the best; then you’re finally ready.

At the same time, it’s important to remember, if you need time and don’t make a decision – that’s also a decision…