Cinemagram – great app for stills with motion

A couple of months ago I made a post about cinemagraph‘s (pictures with parts of them moving). I think this is a really cool way to spice up pictures.

Earlier this week I came across a great iPhone-app that’s all about this technique, Cinemagram. I’ve just tried it out a little bit but I think it’s a really cool app. I think that the best results are given if you record people doing things, like reading a newspaper or just turning their heads and so on. I’ve made a few of those but with respect to those that are featured I’ll let them rest in my cam.

You can find me on Cinemagram by searching for the user

This image is just an image (taken yesterday from Gondolen in Stockholm) to show what Cinemagram is (look at the roads).

Hope you have a great weekend

Cinemagram, Stockholm


This technique looks really nice; a still shot with some movement in it. Images like this is called cinemagraphs and can in my opinion, if it’s done properly and made with some thoughts beforehand be really cool.

What’s your opinion? Have you tried this? Is it ruining the beauty of a still shot?

Here’s two examples:


More information on this image -
More information on this image -