Man in the mirror

This morning I looked through some pictures from this years summer. A summer that was truly amazing. One pic that I’ve forgot that I took during the summer was this self portrait in the front window of a boat on our way out in Stockholm’s Archipelago.

I had never really looked at this picture so close before but it struck me that it’s  almost like two pictures in one. It’s almost hard to see where the reflection starts and finish, and at the same time there are so sharp edges between those two. Do I sound weird? Maybe a little?!

Also like the look on the women’s faces inside the boat, staring at me with a look on their faces “What the xxxx is he doing?!”.

Hope that you can see a little of those things too. 🙂

Since there are quite a lot of details, the image looks best in full size.

I hope that you’ll have a great 3:rd Advent!

Man in the mirror
© Pedro Hansson - Man in the mirror - Stockholm Archipelago 2011 - Nikon D7000

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