Back to reality


© Pedro Hansson - Vemdalen Sweden, Sony RX100 - Instagram: @pedrohansson
© Pedro Hansson – Vemdalen Sweden, Sony RX100 – Instagram: @pedrohansson

Swedish version:

Back to reality, after a weekend full of great people up in Swedish Vemdalen. One of those weekends where the life batteries are leveled up to max again. A weekend filled with 16 great people, all with a desire to create an amazing event together, where all aspects of life are handled. Great downhill races, several crazy antics, but also plenty of time to catch up with each other and talk about it things that there is no time to handle at other times.

I think that you can almost be anywhere on earth, and have a good time as long as you have people around you where everybody has an ambition to create a fun weekend.

The weekend ended with an acrobatic somersault in the sauna where I for one brief second thought I just got to meet my maker, and since then calls out less beautiful names as soon as I turn over in bed. But that’s just like a whisper compared to all the positive .

Hope you have a great start of the week.

Thanks to those who attended.

Sony RX-100, first thoughts

Sony RX-100, First thoughts

So, the day after I posted my thoughts on buying the Sony RX100 I went out and bought one due to all the positive feedback that I’ve got. Thank you btw for your comments and e-mails!

My first impressions:

I’ve only taken like 20 photos so far (just for testing and nothing else) and my first impressions are:


Really good (actually awesome considering the size of the camera) image quality
Easy to use


Slow focus in the dark
When you’re used to a DSLR many controls are in the menu instead of in front of you
I haven’t discovered a way to do Time Lapse so far (maybe due to handling error)

Well, this is just the first day. I’ll get back with more reviews along the way.

Take care

Sony RX-100 in dark conditions
Sony RX-100 in dark conditions – lack of focus, but good DOF


Sony RX-100 in dark conditions
Sony RX-100 in dark conditions

Sony RX100? Good buy?

I’m getting a bit curious of buying a Sony RX100 as a complement to my DSLR, and as an upgrade to my old compact, Olympus XZ-1. Seems like a good camera with a reasonable big sensor, bright lens and still a really small camera.

Does anyone have an opinion on this one?

Link to the review

Sony RX100