Manything – Use Your Old iPhone As A Home Surveillance Kit

A few weeks ago I discovered an app called Manything. It’s an app that uses an iOS-device camera as a Surveillance Camera.

The installation process is really easy. You just install the app on the device that you’re using, and on the device (-s) that you want to use as the surveillance cam, and off you go.

When Manything starts you can connect to the “surveillance phone” and watch a live stream, but not only that. Every time a person moves in front of the cam you can have a signal sent to you, together with a clip of what the cam “have seen”.

This must be one of the easiest download-decisions if you have an old iPhone or an iPad lying around at home.

Click on the images to go to Manything:s homepage.

One of the best new features in iOS7 – a well kept secret?

This may not come out as a new “sexy”, hot feature in the new iOS, but I think it’s one of the best; the possibility to use several networks at the same time – Multipath TCP.

Before Multipath TCP you could experience a lost internet connection when you were connected to internet through WiFi, and the connection suddenly went down. All traffic on the phone also went down, instead of just using 3G/4G. This is now possible. If the WIFI-connections goes down, the phone will  seamlessly use the fastest connection instead, of the lost WiFi-connection. Great improvement!

I guess this will result in more mobile traffic, but the user experience will improve significantly.

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