15 ways to remain unhappy

15 ways to remain unhappy

1. Expect others to make you happy.
2. Blame your misfortune on others.
3. Using the “if only” as often as possible in terms of time, money and friends.
4. Compare what you have with others.
5.  Always be serious.
6. Always try to please everyone.
7. Never say no.
8. Help others, but do not let anyone help you.
9. Consider your own needs as unimportant.
10. If someone gives you a compliment, dismiss immediately.
11. If someone criticizes you, enlarge it.
12. Keep all the emotions on the inside.
13. Never change.
14. Never be satisfied with anything other than absolute perfection.
15. Spend all your time in the past or in the future.

The text is from “It’s never over”, by Kristina Reftel