Sunday walk – 2

©Pedro Hansson - Snow in early December - Nikon D7000
©Pedro Hansson – Snow in early December – Nikon D7000 –

“I love snow for the same reason I love Christmas: It brings people together while time stands still. Cozy couples lazily meandered the streets and children trudged sleds and chased snowballs. No one seemed to be in a rush to experience anything other than the glory of the day, whenever and however it happened”

― Rachel Cohn, Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares

Morning walk


Winter morning Norra Mälarstrand, Stockholm
@Pedro Hansson – Winter morning Norra Mälarstrand, Stockholm – Nikon D7000

“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.”
― Steve Martin

The first snow has arrived in Stockholm just in time for Advent.

Cold days like this are super for a morning stroll, and when it comes to many photographers best time of the day, “The Golden Hour”, it’s great for us Swedes that we easily can combine a good long sleep and still enjoy those early moments. At least in Winter….

Stockholm through my iPhone lens

This is the first real week in Stockholm with “full spring”. In Sweden this is some amazing days. It seems like everyone just un-freezes from the Winter and there are happy people all around.

What’s also really amazing when spring arrives (as in the autumn) is the lighting conditions for photo. I can’t exactly tell you what it is but I think it get’s so much easier to get good shots, even with an iPhone-camera, so I’ve been quite busy taking pics during the days this week.

First of is a pic of Kungsgatan two days ago during lunch hour. What I like with this view is that there are very few who takes any pictures here (maybe it’s due to looking silly on a shopping street.. I don’t know 🙂 ) while I think this view holds one of Stockholm’s nicest views of great architecture.

This pic is taken with HDR and then adjusted with Photo Toaster to get a touch of an older look.

I hope you all have a have a great week!

@ Pedro Hansson - Kungsgatan Stockholm, Sweden

A weekend in the snow

Last week I had a business meeting in Sälen, which is a famous ski resort here in Sweden. Since I have a friend that lives at the same place, I decided to stay over the weekend and what a weekend it turned out to be, especially Sunday with blue skies, just -3 degrees.

This is a pic from a ride with the snowmobile. Will get back with more pics during the week. What I liked with this view is the trees that almost gives a surreal experience and even though I’ve been in the Swedish mountains I’ve never seen them as frozen as this.

Hope you all have a great start of the week.

@ Pedro Hansson - Sälen, Tandådalen - Olypmus XZ-1

3 hour walk

This morning I took a really long walk. At the moment it’s pretty cold in Sweden (-20 degrees in the morning and around -12 degrees Celsius in the day), but it’s also so beautiful. I’ve always loved winter and these clear blue days together with the snowy scenery is so great and it’s almost like you don’t wanna go inside again, even though it’s pretty cold.

So I got up early, stopped by at 7-11 and bought myself a big Latte and off I went. What a great way to start a weekend.

Two photos from today that started cloudy but around noon, it was clear blue skies.

© Pedro Hansson - The Hostel Af Chapman in Stockholm Sweden - Nikon D7000
© Pedro Hansson - Copper Tents in Solna, just outside of Stockholm - Nikon D7000

Last day of an intense week

So, this is Sunday evening. The end of a week, that in many ways feels like a month! The week started of hectically with all the work that needed to be done, before getting up from bed at 3:30 Tuesday morning to jump on a plane to London for the ICE fair, so Tuesday night was a night out, and do I need to tell that my eyes were both pointing at my nose?!

@ Pedro Hansson - A squirrel I shared a power bar with in London - Olympus XZ-1

Wednesday went by pretty quick. Had some nice discussions during the day and in the evening I had a great dinner together with some new acquaintances and a colleague of mine. Back at the hotel I found out that an old school friend from Piteå also was in London. 15 minutes later we had a beer and shared some laughs at a restaurant and talked to a French woman in her 60:s about life in general, and the history of Europe. A friendly conversation that made some sudden U-turns at the end when she started to repeat “I wanna kill, I wanna kill”…. 🙂  so, we jumped in a taxi and finished the night down at Picadilly.

Thursday afternoon I went back to Stockholm and had a full night of sleep.  Friday morning I had some really interesting business meetings before I went on a conference with me and my colleagues company, DevCode. We stayed at a conference center called Skepparholmen which I really recommend! Great service, great view and excellent food! In the evening we spent two hours in the outside pool, surrounded by snow and all the boats that enters / leaves Stockholm. Magic! A good conference that I think can be important for the future.

@ Pedro Hansson - View from the pool at Skepparholmen (iPhone is not that good in the dark)

Suddenly, it was Sunday. A week that went by as fast as it can and at the same time feels like it was an eternity.

To get back on track I spent the whole Sunday walking in the spring like weather in the woods in Stockholm. Don’t think that are any better ways to slow down and fill up the reserves again.

© Pedro Hansson - A frozen plant in winter time towards a sunny sky in Stockholm, Grimsta. Olympuz XZ-1

I hope you all had a great week too, and best wishes for the new week.

Wishing for snow

Sweden is experiencing the warmest November, and start of December in 200 years. It has almost been like spring. But today we got our first snow flakes and there is more to come according to the weather people.

A Christmas with Christmas lights towards rain drops isn’t exactly a Christmas so I keep my fingers crossed for a White Christmas.

These pics were taken during a walk yesterday evening, bringing my small Olympus with me.

Hope you had a great start of the week

Karlbergs Castle in Central Stockholm
(c) Pedro Hansson - Karlbergs Castle in Central Stockholm - Olympus XZ-1
Karlbergs Castle in Central Stockholm
(c) Pedro Hansson - Karlbergs Castle in Central Stockholm - Olympus XZ-1

Beautiful day in Stockholm


Today is the first day that really feels like winter. On my way to work I had to walk through leafs that were all covered with frost, and I had premiere in wiping the ice from the cars windows. But it’s a really beautiful day with blue skies.

Really looking forward to the first snow.