Best Gadget I’ve bought For 55$ – Turn Your Tv Into A REAL Media Center


Recently I’ve been searching for a new TV, and of course there are more than a few to choose from. To choose a TV nowadays is also to choose a “platform”, something to use when we want to watch online movies, connecting our phones / tablets / computers ans so on. Almost every TV-brand have some kind of “app store”, together with apps for the most common social networks, Youtube etc. and some even have Android as a platform.

When I tried these new, and sometimes really expensive TV:s I was really disappointed with the integrated solution for handling the media part. The apps are often VERY slow, and the handling poor. Since I use my Apple TV for parts of my media needs, I’m used to an interface that works well, without too much lag.

A few months back I started to use Ali Express (which I guess most of you have stumbled upon at some time). There are millions and millions of products, and many of them doesn’t find their way to Sweden. At least not in a way that they can be easily found.

One of the first products I bought was the M8S (I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be “Mates”, or if it’s just a bad name). M8S is an Android solution for your TV, with a supported solution to UHD (4K). This was a bit of a gamble, since I never thought that a product with all these features would be any good. But boy was I wrong! This is a great product!

M8S TV Box Description

Suddenly my TV was turned into a complete media center. All the stuff that I was used to find in Apple TV could be found here, and of course the rest of the apps in Google’s store. Everything from browsers, to newspapers, online video and so on. Not only that, it of course works for playing games.

Google Store

I really recommend that you buy an external keyboard, either a software keyboard within the phone, or a hardware keyboard. M8S comes with a number of possible solutions for this, so I guess this is more of a flavor-thing.

It will be really interesting to follow Apple’s event later today. Some (most) rumors say that they will now release app functionality within Apple TV. Whether or not it’s true the M8S is definitely worth buying.