Life in Sumpan

If you’re interested in tech, gadgets, cars, f1 and so on you might like my “tech-blog” While this blog is aiming at thoughts, life’s great mysteries and of course Photography, http://lifeinsumpan is more on the shallow parts of life. I guess that these blogs together might illustrate life in general; we’re all not just …

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Do not ask why

Yesterday I received a text, written by Olaf Röhlander. One of those texts that, when I read it, it felt almost like it was written directly to me. It felt rather liberating to read what another person – who’s in a similar situation – had written,  and set so positive and inspiring words for that …

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Upgrade to iOS5 – part 2, and lion OS 10.7.2 – updated

Day after upgrading to Apple iOS5; my experiences so far: The phone still feels a little bit laagy. especially when I’m in app store (and if you’ve read my previous post you know that I’ve visited app store like 300 times already. If I would’ve owned a 3GS I would’ve waited for some more information …

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