Stockholm getting ready for Christmas – part 2

Last weekend I posted some pics with the title “Stockholm getting ready for Christmas”. This is my second post around that subject.

I really must say that the city council has done a remarkable job with dressing the whole town for Christmas. So amazing just to walk around the town and watching it all.

(note: Some of the pics are a bit blurry, due to a bad lens -> Long shutter time and no tripod, but I hope I submitted the atmosphere)

Hope you’ll have a great weekend /thanksgiving!

Link to the previous post:

© Pedro Hansson –

Short movie/time lapse – Sunrise in Piteå

As the readers of this blog already know, I’ve spent the last weekend in my home town, Piteå. A weekend that promised some, but delivered a lot. Met some old friends, spent time with my family, had a Palt-dinner (local course) and also had an amazing photo session on saturday.

Since we had cloudy weather on friday (and to be honest I also felt terrible due to my cold) I didn’t expect much for saturday, but what a day it turned out to be.

This is my first posting from that day.

Hope you enjoy!

(Please watch in full screen mode)

32 gb of new material

Currently i’m in Pitea, in the northern part of Sweden and today was all about photo. Started off early and headed out to Glantan (a beach close to, in Sweden famous Pitea havsbad).

And what a morning! The colors and the light were all there. During the morning I made a time-lapse of the sun rising with my D7000 and took stills with the Olympus, D5000 and my iPhone. I also tried out my new Sigma 70-300/macro.


Photo Tips – High ISO to create a dramatic atmosphere

Here’s a little pic I took a few hours ago just to show a little trick I sometimes use when I want to create a more dramatic atmosphere in my pics.

  • Adjust the ISO-level really high. This will create a more pixel-like effect. In this pic I used 3200 during shady day-light
  • Use the angle of the sun to create the dramatic lighting
  • If you have a less “good” camera it’s sometimes even easier. The new ones are sometimes just to good 🙂

Hope this can help you get more drama in some of your future pics (unless you already used this little trick)

This pic is unedited except for sizing and adding (c)-information. Shot taken in A-mode.

High-ISO picture
(c) Pedro Hansson - Nikon D5000