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This Must Be the Scariest Trail In The World

This is a totally crazy trail up in the mountains of Mt. Hua Shan, situated in China. I can’t even imagine trying these regardless of the amazing scenery with small cities, found on the top.

See the rest of the story here


“Honey, did you remember the milk?”

89 Mini-Inventions For Your Everyday Life

This is a great set of examples of “mini-inventions” that will help you in your everyday life. Some of them are actually brilliant in both its simplicity as well as the usefulness!

Source: For the rest of the 89 mini-inventions, click here (viral nova)


40 Best Examples of Street Art in 2013

All That Is Interesting have put together an awesome list of street art from 2013. Here are some examples. If you would like to see the rest of them, Click this link.

Greetings From Chuck

Swedish Lucia For Dummies

Today it is Lucia, and if you want an insight in this strange tradition, the Swedish way you’ll find a quick “how-to” here.


What Happens When You’ve Got One Chance?

Some feel-good for Thursday! Amazing guy!

Found on:

Breaking Bad – Alternate Ending

If you’ve missed Breaking Bad, and thought about how it might have ended, there is an alternate ending out there (from the DVD), but I really think the original is way better.

Click on the image to watch the clip at Buzzfeed

Cats Acting Like Humans

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