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Instagram Launches a New Free Timelapse-app

If you like Time-Lapse clips and you’re using an iPhone your prairies will soon be heard. Not only will Apple update the camera-app with this feature, today Instagram launched their own version Hyperlapse, packed with some really good intelligence.

My first tests looks promising, so since it’s free, go and try it out. If you want to share your first tests, just contact me in the commenting field.

Best wishes for the evening

You Never Get Too Old For A Good Time – Compilation Of Best Senior Citizens Going “All In”

I really like those videos when senior citizens going “all in” and just enjoys the moment. Love it when there’s no age restriction on having fun :)

One of the best time-lapse clips I’ve seen – Lake of dreams

On my bucket list, Burning Man is high up there. Seems like nothing else in the world. Over the years some good photographers have put together some amazing time-lapse videos from the event, but I think this is one of the best ever.

Look especially at those amazing long exposures of the night sky at 3:15!

Hope you enjoy the clip!

Lake of Dreams from roy two thousand on Vimeo.

Great New Track by The Knocks – Classic (feat. Powers)

Summer In Sweden 2014 – Midnight Sun Norrbotten

© Pedro Hansson - Summer In Sweden 2014 - Midnight Sun Norrbotten

© Pedro Hansson – Harrbäcken, between Piteå and Luleå

Swedish Music Legend Christian Falk Has Passed Away

The Swedish Club Music legend Christian Falk has passed away due to cancer, just 52 years of age.

For those that haven’t heard his great music, you’ll find a link to one of his albums – Quel Bordel here. Christian Falk has been a frequent topic on this blog. Both as a musician in the Swedish group Blacknuss Allstars, as well as for his great club music such as this song.

R.I.P Christian Falk

Beautiful City Of New York – Man In The Mirror

Man in the mirror - New York, Manhattan - © Pedro Hansson

Man in the mirror – New York, Manhattan – © Pedro Hansson

Beautiful City Of New York – Freedom Tower

This is a photo of the Freedom Tower, taken from bottom viewing up. The shape of the tower almost makes it look like a pyramid when photographed from this position. Maybe the photo would’ve been greater with a blue sky, but at the same time, this is a place that calls for reflection and respect, so a damp milky sky suited quite well.

Freedom Tower - New York - © Pedro Hansson

Freedom Tower – New York – © Pedro Hansson

Beautiful City of New York – 2

As I wrote in my first photo I tried out a few different kind of photo styles in these NY-photos. This one is kept really clean, trying to benefit from the situation.

This is a photo of the IRT Bridge in Harlem. We went to a close by steak house at a night with heavy showers (actually there were flood warning sent out), which created a perfect opportunity to benefit from the street lights, and the dark skies.

I’ve added some sharpening, cropped it slightly and lowered the blue a bit in Lightroom.

New York - Harlem, IRT Bridge - © Pedro Hansson

New York – Harlem, IRT Bridge – © Pedro Hansson

Beautiful City of New York

Last week I visited New York for some work, and while being there I also spent some time taking photos, so I thought that I would share some of them here.

It’s tricky taking photos of a city that’s been so well documented already, but I tried to find some new angles, and some new styles in the photos.

The first photo is taken at a long distance with a fast aperture to get it dark, then I pulled the aperture up afterwards in Lightroom. This created the grainy and foggy effect since all the details will not be seen. After that I added some sharpening.

Statue of Liberty - New York - © Pedro Hansson

Statue of Liberty – New York – © Pedro Hansson


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