Goodness – Some Thoughts About It

For a long time I’ve been thinking about the word “goodness”.

If you’re looking on a regular Facebook-feed, or other social media you’ll find a number of people telling others about their good deeds, and actually that’s wonderful! Don’t doubt that! We really need good deeds, and we really need good role models!

But a good deed, in my mind, isn’t necessarily a sign of a good person.


A good deed done in public, is always good (don’t doubt that), but a good deed done in public also has the purpose of giving credit to the person who made it.

So, in that sense, will a truly good person be?

“A person who do great things for others, while no-one else is watching”?

Do you agree?

Things – Best (?) Task Manager For iPhone – Currently For Free

Don’t miss out on the free download of the task manager app Things”, that’s currently free (normal price $9,99). The app is, in my opinion, the best in its segment that I’ve tried so far. The app will be free until November 28:th.

Link to the app


San Francisco – Architecture

This photo was taken at the small beach in Aquatic cove, close to Fishermans Wharf.

For some reason, this photo isn’t being down sized properly, so for a better version, click for full size.

© Pedro Hansson - Aquatic Cove

© Pedro Hansson – Aquatic Cove

San Francisco – Architecture

This is a photo of one side of the famous “Cliff House”, an awesome place for photography since the sun sets right outside the restaurants window.

If you ever visit San Francisco, don’t miss out on this amazing place.

© Pedro Hansson - Cliff House - Nikon D7000

© Pedro Hansson – Cliff House – Nikon D7000